Some people still falsely believe that the new Bankruptcy Law, which went into effect in 2005, ended a person's ability to obtain relief from their debts.
Reports of the end of bankruptcy as a debt relief option have been overstated. Under the new law, there is no doubt that there will be more steps you will need to take to obtain a discharge, but none are significantly difficult.
For anyone who has an income below the Colorado Median Income Standards, it is still a relatively uncomplicated tool for debt relief. If your income is above the Colorado Medium Income Standards, it may still be possible to obtain debt relief through bankruptcy.
In either case, the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney is needed now more than ever.

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    Kieth made me feel at ease through the whole process. An amazing Lawyer and a great guy in general. Quick, painless, and over all affordable.
    Sara Chesters
    There's a reason Keith Moskowitz has nothing but (as of this review) five-star ratings. I approached Keith (he insisted on no Mr. Moskowitz shenanery at our first meeting) for his services while researching bankruptcy counseling. There are cheaper options around, but they are exactly that: cheap. Keith is worth every penny, and professionally took me through the entire bankruptcy process - from submission, classes, the meeting of the creditors, and to my recent discharge in (what I had not anticipated at all) complete ease. Being a bit of a worry wart about the process, I constantly had questions and there was never a point where I had to leave a message for Keith; he is constantly available on call for his clients no matter what, and was willing to work around my schedule and even stay late to make sure I had all my paperwork in order. Not only is Keith a professional that kept the process simple and straightforward, but he also avoided what I had envisioned a high-jargon quick-talking lawyer affair. He was truly cordial during the entire process, and was very interested in seeing me move past this difficult point in my life. Keith Moskowitz was truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services to anyone currently working through an unpleasant bankruptcy.
    Christopher Borke
    What a personable, friendly, helpful attorney. Our attorney became ill and was unable to finish our case and referred us to Keith Moskowitz. I was very nervous when I called, having almost completed our bankruptcy case, but Mr. Moskowitz told me what to expect and how to complete the course needed to finish our case. Once we received our forms from the bankruptcy court I called him again and he walked me through the process. What a relief !! I would recommend him to anyone seeking the help of a bankruptcy attorney. THANK YOU, Mr. Moskowitz, your help and advice was greatly appreciated.
    Kathy Martinez
    After running across Mr. Moskowitz's website on Google I decided to give him a call. When he gave me a great price I was a bit skeptical. What kind of service could I get for such a price. He is not only doing an outstanding job but he is making the bankruptcy process so easy and painless. I would definitely recommend you to contact him first if you are considering filing bankruptcy
    Robert McClure
    Keith is a great attorney who I would highly recommend to anyone in need of filing bankruptcy. He really went out of his way to take the stress off of me and make the process very easy, painless, and straight forward. He honored every single commitment and promise made, and was an all-around easy going, nice guy. I hope never to find myself in a position where I would need his services again, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again. Thanks Keith!!
    Evan Quiat
    When I came to Keith, I was face down in the mud. Keith helped me get a fresh start. I cannot recommend him more highly ! Having had disappointments in past dealings with lawyers, you could say that I came to Keith somewhat jaded. The stress of filing for bankruptcy added to my trepidation. On top of that, my case had some unusual complications. Keith walked me through the process step by step. He returned emails and phones calls with unusual speed, to answer questions and hold my proverbial hand. Keith is not just a great lawyer but also a compassionate and caring human-being. He is someone I have come to consider a trusted adviser and friend. He has reaffirmed to me that there are good and caring lawyers out there. I cannot recommend Keith more highly. If you are like me, bankruptcy was a last resort and an emotionally daunting prospect. Do yourself a favor and hire a person who not only cares but is a professional who is honest and exceedingly good at his craft. Thank you so much Keith !
    James Narcine
    Fast and effective. Keith is professional and easy to get a hold of when you need him.
    Keith Moskowitz was easy to work with, he made an experience I was dreading comfortable and efficient. He was extremely detail oriented and competent.
    Keith was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I found him to be very accessible, responsive, and totally hands-on with my case.I unreservedly recommend his services.
    A google user
    I highly recommend Keith. He thinks "outside the box" and handles the guilt ridden process of bankruptcy with kindness and competency. One of the best things about hiring Keith is you will almost always be able to reach him in person the first time you call!
    A google user
    I was referred to Keith by a good friend. Her experience with him through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was very positive, and I must say that mine was no different. The relief I felt after meeting with Keith was immeasurable. He answered all my questions, addressed all my concerns, was always available by telephone, and was right next to me at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Denver. He is an excellent attorney, and a nice man. Highly recommended.
    I was lucky enough to be directed to Keith. He was able to successfuuly save my property and negotiate a fair and comprehensive Chapter 13 plan for me to repay my debts. He was always available to answer my numerous questions!!!
    Keith is a wonderful attorney. When my husband was laid of and we were terrified over having to file bankruptcy, Kieth helped calm our fears and has walked us through our bankruptcy with a great since of humor and a confidence we needed. Our bankruptcy was discharged quickly and evenly. We had friends whose bankruptcy took much longer to get discharged, and they were shocked at how quickly ours was handled. He is a wonderful person who makes a difficult situation doable. His website is really top notch and lets you fill out the forms at home so you can find everything you need. He is also very quick to answer the phone and emails to calm fears or answer questions. I recommend him to all our friends who are going through these difficult times. He really is the best in the business.
    A google user
    Keith did an outstanding job for me. I had figured out I had a real short window to file. I called Keith, he met with me the next day. We went over everything. He told me I was eligible to file, but it had to be done within a couple of days. We spent a lot of time together to get the information to present. Keith told me what would happen, and it did. He helped me get over the fear of filing and the repurcussions I would experience later. I would recommend Keith to anyone that is in the position I am in. Thank you for helping get my life back in order.
    Without getting into too much detail and sounding like a used car salesman, Keith Moskowitz is one of the most honest, up front and professional attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. He makes the process of bankruptcy go smooth and seamless, without making it seem like the life-changing experience it truly is. In fact, he threatens to charge double if you worry, and for good reason: worrying is the exact opposite of what you should be doing, especially when you work with Keith. Not only do I recommend him if you fear bankruptcy, I think it is a mistake if you decide to use anyone else in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area.
    Keith is fantastic and professional. He makes filing bankruptcy as simple and pain free as possible. He handled my filing remarkably quickly, and directed me to the best on line debt education classes. I am extremely satisfied with the service he provided.
    A Google User
    If you’re considering filing bankruptcy look no further. Keith Moskowitz has the expertise to guide you through the process fast and efficiently. While facing one of the most challenging times in my life and feeling humiliated – Keith was there to answer all of my questions and treated me with dignity and respect. He’s very professional yet down to earth. A real stand up guy! I’m glad I hired him to represent me. He delivered results and totally exceeded my expectations.
    A Google user
    Keith helped me through a very difficult situation and I highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable about the process and options. He made things come out as good as they could and much better than I expected. He was great to work with. What more can you say?
    Once again Keith Moskowitz helped my situation in a timely manner. He is very organized and responsive always with knowledgable, comforting, and professional words of wisdom. Working with keith on my bankruptcy has helped me tremendously thru this rough period. I recommend keith to any in the position of filing bankruptcy.
    A google user
    Talk about making it easy, Keith handled everything from start to finish. The best thing that Keith did for me personally was make me realize that filing bankruptcy is ok. At one piont in my life i had 750 credit rating, so needless to say I had been depressed about the situation for some time and it was showing the instant i walked into Keiths office. He saw it in my face and had a brief conversation with me about not feeling guilty about having to file, guy could be a counselor if he needed another career. A true stand up guy that made me feel like a human being again! I am grateful for all Keith has done for me and i am once again holding my head up high. Keith is truly a great lawyer, but even a better human being! Thanks Keith for holding my hand through the entire process, i could not have done it with anyone else! Words cannot describe the amount of praise this man deserves as a lawyer and human being!
    A Google User
    Every time I asked someone who handled their bankruptcy, it pointed to Keith Moskowitz in Boulder. We retained him to help us through the bankruptcy process, and were very pleased with his abilities and knowledge in this arena of the law. His professionalism is superb and it wasn't until we were at the trustee hearing and saw other attorneys dealing with their clients and the trustees that we truly appreciated Keith's amazing expertise. Keith helped enormously to make the most difficult experience of our lives unfold with ease and we come out of this feeling as whole and unscathed as possible under trying circumstances... Thank you Keith!
    Our family used Keith and was extremely impressed by his depth of knowledge and organization. We would be happy to recommend him for anyone considering this route. He was very responsive to our numerous questions and always got back to us within 24 hours. He is also a very straightforward and pleasant person to work with.
    Keith Moskowitz is a great bankruptcy attorney- his knowledge and experience make the process as painless as possible and he is reassuring and never makes you feel guilty. In fact, his sense of humor really helps calm things down. He's easy to contact if you have concerns, and is up front and honest about the costs and the process. When I was at my creditors meeting I saw other people who had used the cut-rate attorneys or tried to do it themselves, and they were having problems. Keith made sure we had everything we needed and the process was smooth and as painless as it's possible for a bankruptcy to be. I definitely recommend him to anyone considering bankruptcy.
    Knowledgeable and reliable bankruptcy lawyer! Mr. Moskowitz helped my mother with the bankruptcy process. Besides having a high degree of integrity and a cheerful personality, he is one of those rare individuals who can make you feel at ease even when going through such a stressful and scary process as bankruptcy. He was always available to answer our questions, and to my biggest surprise always the one who answers his phone! The amount of attention we received from him and his attention to details made us feel as if my mom was his only client. We appreciated his degree of expertise. He made the whole process very smooth and less stressful. His website is great and makes things whole lot easier to understand. Thank you!
    A Google User
    I absolutely recommend Keith to handle your bankruptcy. A good friend of mine recommended him based on his own experience and I'm certainly glad I took him up on it. Making the actual decision to declare bankruptcy was the hardest part. From start to finish, Keith was professional, informative, and compassionate (a rarity). He set my mind at ease from the first meeting making the whole experience a not-so-frightening one. Highly recommended!!!
    Very easy to work with. Very precise and quick. Highly recommend!
    Don S
    Mr. Moskowitz is beyond professional, he's personal! He offers you a just price without any low introductory rates with subsequent add ons. Making you feel safe and comfortable in his care, rather than annoyed and uneasy in a firm were people toss you around, or try to work you over with their "$499' bankruptcy special (HA!). His experience in this profession and area make the dealings quick, easy, and painless, so much so that the thought process of deciding to file bankruptcy will be more difficult than the actual process itself. Thank you, Keith, for doing such an excellent job at helping me get my financial life on a new and straighter track!
    Eckhard K
    Keith is the most patient fantastic BK atty around. He is ALWAYS available and soooo helpful even in the most trying of situations. I tell anyone who needs a BK atty to contact him!!!!
    Kara M
    Keith approached our bankruptcy calmly and helped assure my wife and I that the process would be pain free as long as we filled out all information needed of us, took the required classes in a timely manner and didn't worry about it. Since it takes years of worry leading up to a decision like this, it was nice to finally feel like there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Keith typically answers the phone himself when you call and responds quickly when he doesn't. I even had to call him on Father's Day to get some info for my court date the next day and he called me back within 20 minutes! I appreciate help like that and recommend his service to others.
    Jim M
    Thank you Keith. I want to say you went the extra mile for us and you are amazing. I give you ***** plus some. Anyone looking for a great lawyer/ person KEITH IS THE MAN. Couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again!!!
    Josh L
    I would like to say a big thank you to Keith Moskowitz he helped my family and I through a really tough time.He goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the process and gives you the right best information on the classes you have to take for the state. Keith also answers his phone so if you have questions you don't have to wait a week or more to get the answer you need, thank you very much for that. I would strongly advise anyone needing to go through this tough time to use a great man like Keith Moskowitz. Thanks again Keith
    Darryl M
    I highly recommend Keith Moskowitz's service. He is professional, skilled and has a down-to-earth manner and understanding that help us through this very difficult process. The process was personally difficult - however he handled everything smoothly and now we can move on.
    Molly H
    Keith is awesome. He is patient and was very helpful with a solution regarding a possible problem. If you didn't get him live, he would immediately contact you after he receives your message. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for sure! In fact he was recommended to me.
    Kristie S
    Keith Moskowitz was amazing to deal with. My husband and I had no idea what to expect with a bankruptcy. Keith handled all the minute details, and, as another reviewer mentioned, even teased us about charging us double if we continued to look so worried! He has a very calm and reassuring demeanor, and showed us with his attention to detail and experience that we could relax. One of the most amazing things is that almost every time we called with a question, he answered the phone! That meant we had a quick and accurate reply to our question. We highly recommend Keith if you are ever faced with having to consider bankruptcy. You won't be disappointed.
    Mary E
    Keith Moskowitz is an exceptional person as well as a Bankruptcy Attorney. His estimates were honest and upfront, and no surprises at the hearing. He is very through and made sure that everything was covered. He jests about charging double if you worry, and he was able to keep me from worrying even while going through a bankruptcy. I think that anyone looking for a Bankruptcy attorney would be 100% satisfied with Keith and his services.
    David B
    Keith handled a very dynamic Chapter 7 filing for me that is worth sharing: I was attempting to sell my home via a short sale, the timeline for short sale approval was right up against the foreclosure sale date. A situation where there were many possible outcomes. Keith did an excellent job of briefing me on all the possibilities and what would result from various courses of action. Also - and this is spectacular - there was a last moment change of circumstance, and Keith was able to turn on a dime with precision and focus to implement just what needed to be done. You can count on Keith to both understand your financial situation and provide great advice and sound solutions. - Chris, Boulder, CO.
    Chris M
    I get the impression that, like me, most people considering filing for bankruptcy are at the end of their rope and utterly demoralized. It's understandable; it's a serious decision that dredges up financial woes and the memories associated with them (like medical crises) that may have been filed away in the denial bin for some time. While he won't minimize the significance of the bankruptcy process, Keith will also not let you "catastrophize" about it either. He will help you understand that this is a protection you are entitled to by law in our society, one that millions of people just like you have sought. If you are intent on self-flagellation, you'll have to do it on your own time. Go see Keith and get a fresh start. He is professional and experienced; occasionally darkly funny -- he asked me what I thought the market value of my dog was as we were reviewing my assets (fortunately, we as a nation have not yet descended into a full-on Dickensian hell); and always kind.
    JJ. L
    Keith is prompt, professional, and fantastic at what he does. He quickly turned my fear and apprehension associated with bankruptcy into understanding with a comforting perspective about the process from beginning to end. While filing bankruptcy was the last thing I thought I would ever need to do, Keith's experience and expert knowledge made it a painless life step during a difficult time following divorce. I highly recommend Keith to anyone needing a bankruptcy attorney. Not only was his fee very competitive and fair, but he also saved many assets I feel would have been lost if I would have selected one of the "cattle herding" firms. Keith earned my business and referral; he gets and A+.
    Scott B
    Once I realized I needed to seriously consider bankruptcy I began researching local Bankruptcy Lawyers; Keith had glowing reviews so I looked over his website and gave him a call. I can honestly say Keith is an outstanding lawyer (and person, in general). Keith let me know from step one what to expect with my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; what would happen and in what order. He is extremely thorough and accurate. Keith is also likable, and down-right funny. I am by nature a worrier and prone to "panic attacks"- I say this because I cannot tell you how many times I called Keith "freaking out" about something bankruptcy related (whether being haggled by a credit union, or realizing I may have made misunderstood and made mistakes with the first online counseling class, etc), Keith's naturally calm demeanor, and understanding, put my mind at ease every time. Keith does a great job all-around. His years of experience and knowledge are evident; if there is a problem (such as being haggled, etc), Keith will let you know your rights and have the issue resolved in no time. I most highly recommend Keith Moskowitz as a Bankruptcy Lawyer.
    April L
    Very professional and reassuring in my personal time of need. Took care of all issues in a timely manner and followed through until everything was final. Would recommend for all business or personal legal matters. Thank you.
    Chris H
    I would not hesitate to recommend Keith Moskowitz for an attorney. My experience of Mr. Moskowitz was relaxed and professional. Mr. Moskowitz helped me to understand the in's and outs of bankruptcy between Chapter 7 and 13 so that I knew all of my options and could make the best choice for me. I feel he has extended himself beyond the fee that I paid him, which by the way was totally worth it. Sincerely, Bobby
    Bobby B
    Awesome experience. He helped me so much and made things so much easier. I felt as if I had his undivided attention and he was prompt in answering my calls and emails. He always answers the phone himself. If you are in a situation where you need a BK attorney, Keith is your best option by far.
    Yvette S
    Keith did an awesome job on my case. I was hesitant at first, but considering all of my options, it was the correct choice. The law is in place for protection when you have no other options. Keith made me feel comfortable with no "shame" attached. He is responsive and trustworthy.
    Robert G
    Keith Moskowitz is an exceptional and determined bankruptcy attorney. I had a complicated situation and expected a lengthy bankruptcy process. I had met with other local bankruptcy lawyers and came away thinking I had no hope in filing bankruptcy and therefore freeing up my financial situation. But when I met with Mr Moskowitz, he quickly understood how to proceed and within a few short months I had my financial frustrations behind me. And even more impressively he was able to assuage my anxiety and frustrations throughout this process with his confidence and easy nature. He is clearly an expert in his field. I would give him more stars if I could!
    Kristina A
    When I came to Keith, I was face down in the mud. Keith helped me get a fresh start. I cannot recommend him more highly ! Having had disappointments in past dealings with lawyers, you could say that I came to Keith somewhat jaded. The stress of filing for bankruptcy added to my trepidation. On top of that, my case had some unusual complications. Keith walked me through the process step by step. He returned emails and phones calls with unusual speed, to answer questions and hold my proverbial hand. Keith is not just a great lawyer but also a compassionate and caring human-being. He is someone I have come to consider a trusted adviser and friend. He has reaffirmed to me that there are good and caring lawyers out there. I cannot recommend Keith more highly. If you are like me, bankruptcy was a last resort and an emotionally daunting prospect. Do yourself a favor and hire a person who not only cares but is a professional who is honest and exceedingly good at his craft. Thank you so much Keith !
    James N
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